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I do VRChat avatar Quest conversions!

Here are some I've done for creators:

Nova -- Strawbunny#9476

Malware DDOS — Strawbunny#9477
Teddy-- sam.#0017
Juju -- -SageSpicy-#1155
Roselyn -- -SageSpicy-#1155
Sickness -- -Ivy-#0222
Sweets -- juuul#3822
Silas -- juuul#3822

Please DM me on Discord at Noelia#5530.

Here is my Gumroad page and server with my portfolio and examples of my work, a waitlist for those who have commissioned me, and a lovely community :3
I now have a team to help me get through conversions more quickly as well!

I have a great eye for detail and take great pride in my work, and I will work with you to make the Quest version as close to the PC version as I can make it!

I use several tools, some paid and professional, and I'm really good at not having to delete any items/toggles off of almost all models to make it fit within the Quest file size limit ^^

I generally don't use VRCQuestTools as it strips the avatar of much of its detail for Quest. I change the shaders manually and go through and use Photoshop to edit textures and create/use matcaps as needed to match the original PC version as well!

Most Quest versions of VRC avatars do not include many color or texture sliders such as a hueshift. If your avatar has ones that do not work for Quest because of the way they were made, and you want those included, I will create the textures, materials, animations, and toggles (not all needed depending on the avatar, some only need new animations and toggles) for those myself within certain limits.

If you're a creator, I promise you'll get a lot more sales from Questies when you have amazing quality Quest versions! Word of mouth is a powerful thing (and I've already seen a lot of people wanting to buy an avatar's Quest version when I was commissioned to rework it as they didn't like the original Quest version), and I genuinely love helping people succeed and make as much money as they can!

────────── ✩ 𝚃 𝙴 𝚁 𝙼 𝚂 𝙾 𝙵 𝚄 𝚂 𝙴

Proof of purchase is required. I will NOT convert ripped avatars, and I will be getting permission from the creator of the avatar.

Do not claim that my conversions were done by you. You are also not allowed to make public or resell any private/paid for avatars that I convert. If you are a creator who would like to publish my work, please credit me on your Gumroad page:

Quest conversion by Noelia#5530

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