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Hello @everyone,

A new update to Gumroad has rolled out that has allowed anyone to become an affiliate, you can read more up on this here: https://help.gumroad.com/article/323-global-affiliates

We will be implementing this feature as a trial for a week to users who don't have their store connected to their Jinxxy account under the emails "[email protected]" & "[email protected]".

So if you haven't already connected your Gumroad to your Jinxxy account - you can do that via this panel here: https://jinxxy.com/my/external-stores and there will not be a Jinxxy affiliate code on your product.

Because this change is on Gumroad's end anyone can add their affiliate link - so just because someone "found the product on Jinxxy" doesn't mean we got an affiliate fee from it. You can confirm where the affiliate fee went by clicking on the sale and checking the affiliate email address at the top of the page.

We are working on direct sales through Jinxxy that doesn't have any additional fees for discovery like Gumroad - it's just not ready yet... more info about that soon.

For users with connected stores: Nothing has changed.

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@Website Update Pings

Hai hai everyone -- There has been quite a bit of work done on Jinxxy in the past two weeks and we're excited to share them with you!

Commission beta update

The commission beta pages have been updated for everyone. Some new features include;

  • You can select the commission types you wish to use
  • Control prices, nsfw, settings, if your queue is open or closed on each commission type.
  • Add a Terms of Use / General Information via the settings
  • Submit examples to show potential clients what you offer. In the future when you complete commissions through this system the preview will automatically post so clients always see your latest work.
  • You can currently list yourself and add examples, although the actual requesting feature is not available yet - so make sure you have your contact information on your profile. Take a look at the #commissions-beta for more information and let us know your feedback and if you run into any bugs.

New marketplace administrator

We have a new marketplace admin, @Strasza#5764! They've already been helping a ton moderate the marketplace. Thank you for your work :695305751291363428:

Bug fixes

I've fixed a bug that caused tags to be cleared on some products. Please make sure that your products are still tagged correctly - if not make sure to re-tag them.

A pricing bug was fixed that caused some items to show up free or with an incorrect price depending on how you had categories or suggested prices setup on Gumroad.


  • Make sure to take advantage of adding Jinxxy tags to your product descriptions, you can find out more about this here: https://jinxxy.com/info/market-tags
  • Users see an increase in clicks on their products when correctly tagging them!
  • Check out the new External Stores page to control your store on Jinxxy! You can edit tags, Request updates, view statistics about your avatars on the marketplace, and much more! You can find your external stores here: https://jinxxy.com/my/external-stores


Today marks the day that copyrighted / trademarked logos are no longer allowed on Jinxxy and can be prone to removal.

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