Frequently asked questions

Here are some quick helpful info on what we do and how to use Jinxxy.


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What is the marketplace?

It's a easy way to search for 3d models, avatars, and assets for virtual reality and the metaverse.

When you find something you like, you can click the link and get directed to the store to buy it.

How do I get listed on the marketplace?

You can connect your store via the External Store Management page to add your store.

Why aren't my new products showing up?

Our search engine might not have found your products yet, your products might be hidden, or banned for a rule violation.

Once a store is listed it is automatically updated about every 48 hours. You can do 3 things to speed this process up when you release a new product:

  1. Add our bot to your creator Discord server.
  2. Request a store update via the store management page.
  3. Post the link to your product in the #store-submit on our Discord server.
What are the marketplace costs / fees to be listed?

Nothing - it's free.

Why are my products here?

Our search engine probably found your store - just like any other search engine online we look for public websites with products that we think are a good fit for our marketplace. Then we add them and make them easy to search to give you more sales.

How do I tag my products? / How do I adjust my products?

You can adjust all the settings for your store and products here: External Store Management

What are the rules for the marketplace?

You can find them here: Marketplace rules

How do I report products that are NSFW / breaking rules?

You can report them with a ticket in the #tos-violations channel in our discord server

I changed my store name - how do I update it?

Click the request update button in the External Store Management

How do I remove my store? / How do I hide products?

Set your store / product visibility to hidden in the External Store Management


Commissions let users easily find artists to hire for custom work.

How do I sign up for commissions?

Check out the commissions details page for more info on getting started.

What are the commission fees?

When our payment system is completed the rate is expected to be a flat 5% - this is subject to change.

When do clients pay for commissions?

Payment is made upfront when commissions are accepted.

When do I receive money for commissions?

Artists get paid directly into their Paypal or Stripe account.

How long do commissions take?

Check your artists page for details - we limit commissions to be done within 60 days.

What methods of payments are supported?

Currently it's Paypal and Stripe

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